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Here’s all Route Marketing Automation product updates. Every new feature we release or upgrade will be shown here.

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Sep 21, 2016

Custom Attributes Management

Route has full support for custom attributes at contacts and events, but now, you can manage the contact custom attributes easier.

New content on blog

Our content marketers created recently some epic blog posts teaching you how to do lead nurturing and how to enjoy the best marketing automation for Pipedrive in the market!

Date filters improved

Now our filters and triggers deal much better with dates and you even can segment your contacts by CreationDate, for example.

Aug 8, 2016

Features Page

We launched a brand new page on our site with Route’s features. Navigate through marketing automation, multi-channel marketing, improve your results and retain your customers to learn what Route is all about.

Update contacts

Ever wanted to update contacts from within an automated campaign? Now you can! We added to our actions the option to update contact attributes.

App Performance

We did several changes that will allow our users to create robust contacts segmentation and campaign triggers without losing performance.

Jul 5, 2016


If you’ve accessed your Route account recently you already know that we’ve launched the ‘beta’ of our dashboard with general (but useful) information about your account.

Export contacts

Now in the contacts page, any search result or filter that you applied to your contacts can be exported as a CSV file with your contact’s email and name. It’s a way to get contact data from Route to use in other tools you have.

Misc improvements

We’ve worked hard to fix as many issues as possible in a month and deliver the best user experience for people using Route. Now our application looks and works better in different screens and we solved our speed problems.

Jun 10, 2016

Website news

We’ve made several updates in our website and FAQ/documentation.

Tracking pageviews with Route

We know that tracking more broad behavior like, for example, visiting a specific page can give valuable insights for companies. Pageviews are important for marketing and sales automation because there are some pages of your website you consider important and would like to take some action when someone visits it. Our Visual Mode now has a “Track Pageview” button, so you can track when someone visits a specific page you started tracking.

Pipedrive and Zapier improvements

Now, you can attach to events their attributes when sending to Route data from Zapier and Pipedrive. If you use these services, we really recommend you to start using this feature.

May 9, 2016

Send SMS with Twilio

If you have your customer’s cellphone number you will really enjoy this brand new feature. Now you can send short messages worldwide with our Twilio integration and connect with your leads via SMS.

Use UTMs as campaign triggers or to segment contacts

If you work with digital marketing you probably know what UTMs are, don’t you? They are an useful way to track people interests and behavior. You’ll be happy to learn that now we support UTMs as campaign triggers, to create segments of contacts and just to be used as filters to check how your performance (from where your contacts are coming and converting).

Know everything about your user events

A lot of times just knowing that an event was executed by your user isn’t enough. In those specific cases, we recommend you using our new Event Attributes feature, to send Route more data about what happened when an event was executed in your app or site.

April 5, 2016

Integrations Powered by Zapier

Our partnership with Zapier is even more solid. Now, the most awaited integrations in our customer’s wishlist are available via Zapier with our Powered by Zapier integrations!

Duplicate your Campaigns

Duplicate a campaign with one click only!

Transactional Emails

Now you can choose to trigger the actions every time someone meets the conditions you’ve set.

March 4, 2016

Cross-domain Tracking

Now you can put our Main Script in more than one website/app and gather the events and contacts in the same Route account, without any special configuration.

Improved Anonymous Events

Before improving our anonymous tracking you could only get info about those events for the contacts that you identified (we always collected historical data for identified contacts), now you can know how your events are performing because we will send to Route data from anonymous visitors.

January 27, 2016

Improved Personal Email feature

Our new personal email feature sends the campaigns directly from your email account. Connect your Gmail, Exchange or your own SMTP and that’s it!

Broadcast campaigns

You don’t need another email marketing software, you can send all kind of emails through Route.

WordPress Plugin

Route’s plugin for WordPress adds our main script to your site without copying and pasting our main Javascript to the header of your site Without you having to edit the header of your site and working with code.

January 4, 2016

New powers to JavaScript API

Now you can request contact data and event info to our API in a fine grained way.

Use emojis on the subject lines of your emails

Route now supports all kind of Unicode emojis on emails!

Data Types

Now you can map the attributes data types to make triggers even more accurate. This way, you can add conditions in your automations like ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ in the right way.

December 4, 2015

New Zapier Trigger

Now you can sync any new contact that is identified by Route with another favorite app of yours, using Zapier.

Wufoo Integration

The #1 form builder platform, now fully integrated with Route! when a new person fill your Wufoo form, the contact will be sent to Route, where he/she can trigger your campaigns.