Who are the Agents? / Agents

The Agents are those people that in your company have a job position that requires direct contact with people entering your sales and marketing funnel (e.g Leads).

Usually the role of an Agent will be assigned to sellers, customer success or customer support. But virtually any job function that requires an 1:1 relationship between someone from your company with a person can be invited as agent.

But more than that, only the Agents will be automatically assigned a new contact by Route’s Lead distribution engine.

The Agents have a limited access to your account.

They can’t create campaigns nor emails. Their role is just engaging with the leads they get whenever an automated email is replied.

Is the Admin also an Agent?

No. The Admin is not consider an Agent. But it doesn’t mean the Admin can’t send emails.

The only difference is that when Admins create an email, they are required to give their own name and email and not use attributes like {{agent.name}} and {{agent.email}}.

The reason to use agent attributes is because the distributed leads will always get the email with their own agent name and email. The lead distribution only happen for Agents.

Admins can also integrate their own email account to Route and work with Personal emails.

For Admins to be Agents you just need to invite them as Agents as well.

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