Personal email / Emails

Sending personal emails is one powerful way to engage with the contacts you are reaching out.

It’s powerful because it’s the most personalized way to send an email: not only because of the message, but also the form you’re presenting it’s content.

Use Personal Emails to appear as if someone actually invested their time and efforts to draft the email.

The beauty of this feature is that you’ll connect your own email account to Route. You’ll allow Route to send emails from your own email client and this means that no one will be able to tell that you automated that message.

To configure Route to send emails through your own email client just go to you account settings and take a look at Authenticated Emails.

To help you create emails that look like someone wrote it manually and didn’t automated it, we decided to offer only a few text formatting options (you can choose the font-family and use bold) and established some landmarks to show you if your message fits the idea of a human typing the email or if it’s turning something no one will believe it’s written by a human:

  • 140: The size of a tweet! This is the best case scenario for a message that will pass like it was sent from a human.
  • 300: Ok, 2 short paragraphs. It’s still good enough to make the person reading the email feel like their special.
  • 500: Be careful! Your message is too long and people will know that your email fits the “mass customization” category. Long messages can do well in some cases but won’t pass as a really personal one. Copy your text and choose Regular Email to send your message.
  • 750 +: Even if it was common for humans to write long emails with 750 + characters, do you think people will believe it was written specially for them? Maybe if you weren’t doing business and you were friends, but that’s not the case. Long emails are clearly sent from a software so you must copy your text and choose Regular Email to be able to send it.

It’s possible to customize emails with DotLiquid.

Important information about Personal Emails

Email Alias support

The service we use to connect Route to your personal account doesn’t support email aliases. If your trying to connect your email account to send personal emails and it’s not working, check if it’s not a case where you’re trying to connect an email alias.

Use your Primary Address instead.

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