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Twilio makes it easy for business to send SMS to their clients through their API. This is how they describe themselves:

“We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent and complex communications systems. As your app’s usage scales up or down, Twilio automatically scales with you. You only pay for what you use – no contracts, no shenanigans.”

If you use Twilio and want to include SMS to your Marketing Automation campaigns, Route can help you with that.

What can I do with this integration?

With Twilio + Route integration you can add SMS to your automated workflows. Go beyond email communication and engage with your leads with a new contact point.

Use cases

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Follow these steps to integrate Route with Twilio

  1. Access your Twilio account and on the dashboard click on “Show API Credential”.
    Copy your Account SID and Auth token. To find this information on Twilio select Programmable SMS under “Services” on the top menu;


  2. Go to your Route account and on Integrations click on Twilio;
  3. There add the Account SID and Auth token on the specified fields;


  4. Go back to your Twilio account and access the menu “Messaging Services”;
  5. Choose Create a Messaging Service” and click on “Numbers”;
  6. Select one of the numbers you have on your account and save;
  7. After creating your messaging service copy the SID;


  8. Go back to your Route account and finish your Twilio set up by pasting the SID to the specified field.


    Important information about Route + Twilio

We are working on it.

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