Use cases / Getting Started

Take a look at the examples below of situations you may find yourself in and learn how Route can help you get the best results from it:

For our use cases we want you to imagine a story about John McClane and your company. We’ll go through:

Nurturing People

  1. John McClane decides to register to your newsletter;
  2. From this moment on Route tracks what he does on your website;
  3. With this information available you create campaigns to send relevant content to him;
  4. He engages with your content, learning about your service and building brand awareness on his mind;
  5. Your content makes him move along your marketing and sales funnel;
  6. He becomes a qualified lead;
  7. You send him a sales pitch with a trial offer to your service;
  8. He registers to try.

User verification

  1. John McClane submits the request to register to your service;
  2. Right after that he gets an email asking him to confirm his subscription;
  3. He confirms and is ready to go.

Welcome Messages

  1. John McClane confirms the registration to your service;
  2. 10 minutes later he gets an email welcoming him;
  3. 30 minutes after getting the welcome email he gets another email with someone from your company making a personal contact;
  4. 2 days after the registration John receives an email with useful links to help him start using your service.

Onboarding New Users

  1. John McClane is on a trial of your service;
  2. You know that there are key steps to be taken for a person to be successful using your service;
  3. If he doesn’t take any action you know it’s important for his success you’ll send John different flows of messages giving more instructions about how to use your service.

Password Request

  1. John McClane forgets his password;
  2. He requests a new password by clicking the option “Forgot Password”;
  3. John submits the request and immediately receives an email with instructions to change his password.

Upgrade Abandonment

  1. John McClane decides to upgrade his plan;
  2. But he doesn’t complete the upgrade;
  3. 3 days later he gets an email reminding him to finish the upgrade;
  4. 7 days after the reminder he gets a discount coupon from your service.

Failed Billing Series

  1. Every month you charge John McClane’s credit card;
  2. Suddenly you are notified that John’s credit card hasn’t approved the transaction;
  3. You send him a message asking him to check his payment method;

Mass Marketing Messages

  1. John McClane is only one from different people that uses your services or buy your products;
  2. Along the really targeted messages you also need to send mass marketing messages;
  3. Those emails must be sent to everyone, it’s an email blast.
  4. You use Route’s broadcast feature to do it.

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