Imports / Integrations

Route allows you to upload .csv files with contact‘s information. This is a good start to engage with email lists that you might have built previously.

It’s also a way to break the barrier when deciding to change from a Email Marketing software to Route.

The best thing about this feature in Route is that every person on the list you imported that click on a link within your email will be an identified contact contact in Route so you’ll be able to track things this person does on your website.

When creating the .csv make sure you have a column for the emails. This is the only required column, all the others are optional. If your file has some lines with information and some that are empty, it will also work.

Follow these steps to import a list of contacts:

  1. Click on “New Import”;
  2. Click “Next” and match each .csv column to a Route’s attribute;
  3. Click “Import” and that’s it.


Route doesn’t distinguish First Name and Last Name. If you use this format we suggest you to group it to a “Name” column.

If you have a spreadsheet like this:

Firstname Lastname Email
John McClane [email protected]


Change to this:

Name Email
John McClane [email protected]


Don’t worry, when creating the messages you can use Custom Attributes to add the person first name on the message or subject line.

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