How does Route guarantee my emails will be delivered?

Automating email campaigns plays a huge role on our platform so we put all our effort to build a tool that will deliver the emails you send the recipients.

For that to happen all emails sent by Route go through Sendgrid, one of the leading companies offering an email service to guarantee email deliverability.

Route encourage all users to follow the best practices in email marketing and being in compliance with the CAN-SPAN ACT, CASL, Sendgrid’s Email Policy and Route’s Term of Services.

A lot of variables contribute to guarantee deliverability and to make an email end up on the SPAM folder.

We do everything we can to be in compliance with every email marketing rule to better serve our users. Here’s a screenshot we took from the tool Mail Tester with the results from one email sent through Route:

Mail Tester Route Result: 10

In case you notice that your emails are going to the recipients SPAM folder we suggest you to check the emails you created, the list you’re targeting and using services like Mail-Tester to check if you’re missing something important that is affecting your email deliverability.

We also suggest you to check the email content (text, images, links) because the deliverability can be affected by those items and this is something our users (you) are responsible for.

If you have any doubt about it just contacts us.