Overview / Emails

Although you can create campaigns that are not based on sending emails, we are sure that you’ll be using emails in almost all Automations or Broadcasts you create.

We have two different types of emails: Regular and Personal.

Regular Emails are the ones that will look and feel like it was sent by an software, it will include an unsubscribe link, your company address and you need to follow every CAN-SPAN and CASL guidelines. You’ll send your marketing and corporate messages using our regular emails.

Personal Emails are the ones that will look and feel like someone actually wrote that specific email. For you to use this feature you must connect your own email account. Route will access your email client to send emails on your behalf. You can only use plain-text and short messages because it has to have a highly personalized feel.

Ready to write your emails? Keep reading about emails to learn more about them.

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