To integrate Route with Segment you need to use your Organization ID and you can find it on your account settings.

Segment is the single hub to collect, manage and route your customer analytics data.

Using it as an integration with Route will allow you to track events and identify users with their analytics.track and analytics.identify methods.

Analytics Track

Here’s one example of how you could use Segment’s analytics.track to send event data to Route after you enable our integration:

Analytics Identify

In order to use the analytics.identify you must follow this model:

If you already use their services, all the events and identify methods you currently use will automatically send data to Route.

With the data sent from you can create campaigns to send automated messages to engage with your leads. To activate Segment’s integration with Route take the steps bellow:

  1. Access your account and go to Integrations;

  2. Turn Route integration on and paste your Organization ID on the “Organization ID field”. You can find your ID directly on the integration screen in Route or you can get it at your account settings;


  3. Click on “Save and Close”;
  4. That’s it, soon you’ll start receiving events from

Access Segment Docs for more information on how it works.

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