Forms / Integrations

With our Forms integration you just need to give Route an URL with the form (or forms) you want to map and our tool will find them to integrate.

How it works?

As soon as you put our main tracking code on the of your site you are ready to ask Route to identify all the forms you have.

What can I do with this integration?

This feature will crawl pages you choose looking for html forms and allow you to integrate them with Route.

Follow these steps to map your forms


1. On your account go to Forms;
2. Click on “New Form”;
3. Paste the URL where the form (or forms) you want to map is;
4. Click next and see the form (or forms) Route mapped;
5. Match your form fields properties with Route;
6. Hit OK and the integration is done.

Important information about Forms

There are some situations where you won’t be able to map your forms using this feature. These are the common issues:

  • You’re not using the <form> tag to create your form;
  • The form comes from 3rd party services like Wufoo, Unbounce, Lander, Instapage or other similar services. In this case you should use our 3rd party integrations or Zapier;
  • It’s inside an <iframe>;
  • It doesn’t contain a button with the submit attribute (type=”submit”);
  • For a form field to be mapped it need at least one of these two attributes: name or id;
  • The content of the <form> tag is loaded via Ajax after the page being accessed;
  • We don’t support XML websites as our form tracking is built for HTML compatibility only;
  • We might not map some forms embedded in pop-up boxes.

In some cases Route will map a form but won’t collect data from everyone that subscribes. We know it sucks, but there are some technical limitations that are beyond our control.

Had a functional form and it suddenly stopped collecting contacts? If you changed the form html you’ll have to map it again to make it work. If this is not a case where you changed the html and the form stopped working, contact us!

But, don’t worry, we are confident that only in a few specific cases Route won’t be able to collect contact data from mapped forms (to guarantee 100% efficiency, use our Identify Method JavaScript):

  • Someone is using an old version of IE browser (we fully support all IE starting from IE 8);
  • Someone is using an Android Browser older than Android 4.0;

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