Overview / Integrations

Here you’ll find ways to integrate Route to your site or app and with the rest of the world out there.

With our integrations you’ll be able to send contact and event data to Route, fueling it with all the information you need to create your amazing campaigns.

You can also use some of our integrations to send contact data to other applications automatically.

We divide our integrations in two main categories: ours and 3rd party.

Route’s own integrations are:

  • Events: you’ll use it to add our main tracking script on your site, to track events and to identify people.
  • Forms: you’ll use it to map the <html> forms you have on your site to collect and identify people.
  • Imports: you’ll use it to import a list of contacts to Route.

Our 3rd party integrations will connect Route to other applications.

You’ll find among them landing page builders, form builders, tag management services, billing systems, CMS and more!

If you don’t find the integration you need tell us about it or browse through Zapier apps to see if via their services you can connect Route.