Zapier / Integrations

Zapier makes connecting two different services easy. As they say on their about page:

“There’s a secret language that lets web apps (Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail…) talk to each other. The terrible tragedy is that this language is only spoken by an elite few who possess technical superpowers.

Zapier bestows these superpowers upon you!”

What can I do with this integration?

With Zapier + Route integration you can create Zaps to send 3rd party data to Route and to send data from Route to other services as well. You can do it without asking your IT team to develop those integrations for you.

Use cases

These are some ideas of how you can use Route with Zapier:

For more ideas you can just visit our Zapbook on Zapier or if you want build a new integration with one of the 500+ apps they have.

Follow these steps to integrate Route with Zapier

  1. Access your Dashboard and go to Connected Accounts;


  2. Click on “Connect new account” and select Route;


  3. Paste your Organization ID as “Username” and ApiKey as “Password”;


  4. You can get your “Organization ID” and your “API Key” in your account settings. It should look like this:


  5. As the final step, Zapier will automatically test that your credentials is good and you’ll be allowed to continue setting up your Zap.


  6. Click “Continue” and you’re ready to create your Zaps.

Important information about Route + Zapier

My Automation Task filter isn’t loading

In the New Automation Task trigger you have a filter that lets you choose which automation task you want to connect with this Zap. This automation task (and consequently this filter) is a “step” in a Route campaign workflow, so you need to create it on Route before use the New Automation Task trigger on Zapier.

Why doesn’t exists a “Track Contact” or “New Contact“ action?

The Track Event action do both the event tracking and contact creation for you. Every event must be assigned to a contact, and if a sent contact is new to Route, we identify him in our platform.

The contacts that I sent to Route aren’t being tracked correctly

We don’t track contacts that doesn’t meet some requirements, as have a valid email address, for example. Another issue is the phone number, it has to be valid to be tracked, otherwise we will ignore this field and track only the others. If you experience some issue not related to these factors, please email us.

New Automation Task isn’t sending contacts to Zapier

Zapier ask us for new contacts that meet your campaign conditions every 15 minutes. So, its normal to take a little time to see your Zapier integration fully working.

Why email is required on the Track Event action?

Every event is fired by a person/visitor/contact/whatever. If you don’t have the visitor email, the event that he/she fired is not useful on Route and we choose to don’t track anonymous events.

How can I use the New Automation Task trigger?

First, you will need to create an automation campaign on Route. You will set the conditions a contact need to match in order to fire the campaign and the automation tasks that will happen to them, including Zapier tasks. With the campaign created, you could go to Zapier and create a Zap using our New Automation Task trigger, filtering with the campaign and task name.

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