Lander / Integrations

Lander is a landing page builder that has conversions as their main goal.

They describe themselves like this:

“Built By Designers for Any Marketing Goal
Our landing page templates were thought out and designed for conversions. No matter what your business is about or what type of campaign you are launching, you’ll find the perfect template for you. Here’s a quick sneak peek!”

If you use Lander as your landing page builder service you can send contact information from people that submit your forms to Route.

Here’s how:

  1. Access your Lander account and select the landing page you want to integrate with Route. If you have more than one landing page, repeat everything for each one of them;


  2. Under “Integrations” choose “Webhook” and select JSON as “Data Format”;


  3. Get the URL generate inside the Lander integration screen on Route and paste it in the “URL” field. The URL looks like this:;
  4. Click on “Update”;
  5. Go to your landing page and fill in the form to test it;
  6. After testing it, click “Next” and you’ll have to map the fields on your Lander landing page form to Route’s contact attributes.

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